A wild LUXREY appeared!。 (kaorutsukiko) wrote in viiictory,
A wild LUXREY appeared!。


W-Whoa. *wipes out the dust* I-I'm so sorry for the lack of updates on my part! These days have been pretty crazy for me :D;;
So when I finally check the comm, I go to the userinfo and... WHOA. 100+ WATCHERS. T-Three digits, can you believe it? *w* Thank you so much! ♥ This calls for something! I've decided to do this instead of requests since I've been running low on the pictures to icon;;

status: closed. thank you. ♥
® Post as many pictures as you wish. Official art, screencaps, fanart, manga coloring, whatever you want from whatever fandom you like. I prefer links, but it's up to you.~
® HQ images are LOVED, as they'll be most likely to be iconed and will make the icon look prettier too. Specially with manga coloring, it's very likely that I won't icon/color the scan if it's LQ.
® I do not guarantee I'll icon all the pictures you give me, but I'll do my best! ♥
® You'll receive cookies if you say the fandom the picture's from so I can tag the post properly. :3
® All icons will be shareable.
® If you want, reserving is a-ok. You decide, since this post has no date to be closed :3
® You can comment as many times you want. ♥ I have no idea how I forgot to say this but lol: SPAM IT. Don't be shy. >8D

So, mostly, go crazy!~ I have no idea when to close this, so lol. I already have an icon batch almost ready, but I'll most likely post it with the results of this spam post.~
Tags: !user: kaorutsukiko, spam post
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