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Welcome to viiictory, a graphics community run by kaorutsukiko, leilakirey and matheusplace!

Here you'll find icons, wallpapers, banners and whatever these three random people randomly decide to do.

Please enjoy your stay~! ♥


Rey has been doing graphics for about 4 years. Only reached the level of 'decent' really recently though. She icons animanga most of the time, though she likes messing around with games too. You can randomly find some icons of J-Pop/K-Pop artists through her posts too.

You can find her older icons @ kaoru_tsukiko.

Leila has been doing graphics for about 3 or 4 years. Decided to have an icon community after a sudden burst of inspiration, then Rey randomly decided to invite her over to viiictory. She icons games most of the time, though you can find some animanga in her posts too.

You can find her older icons @ leilamonogatari.


Mamoru has been doing graphics for about 5 years. Rey likes him so she ALSO made him join viiictory when he decided to show his icons somewhere~ He icons a lot of K-pop, though you can find some random animanga and games icons on his early posts.


•Credit is appreciated! ♥ There's no need to credit if it's a fanart icon though; credit the original fanartist instead.
•Please don't edit any of the icons and repost them as your own, unless stated otherwise (like bases).
•Commenting, watching us and cookies makes us happy~


If you want to affiliate with us, this is your place! ...It needs some organizing, I know, b-but! Still.

About the usage of fanarts; we don't really remember the original artists of most of the fanart we use (be it because we took them from random boards like Danbooru or because they're old), but we'll obviously credit him/her if we know. If you're the original artist of some fanart used and wants it to be properly credited or for the icon to be taken down, just comment or contact us in some way. ♥

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